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Finding the Wyld in urban spaces

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

We can find the wild anywhere, even in the greyest, urban areas: a buddleia growing in a crack in the pavement; some moss on a wall; a snail on a gatepost...

For the last few years, we have been living in rural Devon. It was beautiful. It was brutal. It was freeing. It was restricting. It was always wild, to some extent. The level of connection with nature was wonderful, and it was hard work, but it was always there.

Interactive Edges

The edges are the place of exchange, where the energy flows, where the action is. The edges are where the production is, where the magic happens...

Living among nature every day was amazing, but it was a bubble, with very little interaction with the lived reality of the majority of people. Now, without that daily blanket of nature around us, we realised that we have to find it when and where we can...

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