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We design and implement



Community Courses

We would love to run our courses for your community group or organisation.


Whether it's online or in person, we can tailor our Introduction to Permaculture course to your needs, or work with you to create a bespoke course focused on your priorities. Community organisations we have worked with to deliver our online and face to face courses are Beach Creative and Grow Cheshunt

Visoning and Reflections Workshops

These workshops are inspired by the Design Web by Looby Mcnamara, a social permaculture framework. We use these workshops, to assess where a group’s focus is currently situated. We have found they help groups to shift their thinking when progress is stagnant, or they are unclear of how to grow the organisation. It also ensures everyone has a voice and it gets heard.


Using the Art of Invitation, a fun, creative process, we facilitate your group to use their imagination, to create a vision for your project or organisation, bringing together ideas and inspiration to help it move forward. We then record this capture of ideas as part of a Wants and Needs Analysis, which is a tool we use as part of the survey process of permaculture design.

Location is no obstacle when it comes to running these courses and workshops, inside or out we can adapt our delivery to the location.


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For more details on these workshops, fees and how we can support your community please get in touch.

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