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About Us

We discovered permaculture in 2009 whilst on the steering group of a local transition town group. We continued to developed our knowledge and in 2011 became the stewards of Wishtree, a 5 acre deciduous woodland in North Devon. It became a land learner, permaculture demonstration project in 2014 and our off-grid home in 2015. 


We spent 5 years demonstrating how to live off-grid, building resilience and doing outreach work with the surrounding communities, teaching permaculture. We developed Wishtree to demonstrate several examples of how forest gardening can be used in different land based systems, from a residential garden to a 5 acre smallholding. We also focused on supporting people's mental health.

Wishtree was home to North Devon Permaculture CIC, the previous name of our social enterprise. In 2020, due to the effects of COVID on the business and a death in the family, we had to give up our off-grid life at Wishtree, moving back to Hertfordshire to be close to family, and renamed the business to Wyld Edges. Our aim was to adapt to change and continue the work we had been doing.

The W.E in Wyld Edges is about the collective coming together to help build a better future for the next generation and to ensure the care and health of our earth. We achieve what we do, because of our commitment to this and because of the collaboration from those organisations and individuals we work with, this makes us a resilient social business. We thank them for their support and inspiration.

Visit our old Youtube channel to see more of what we did at Wishtree

On this page you will discover the people behind Wyld Edges and who is part of our 'Forest Garden'. Each one plays a part in making the magic happen and helping our ethical business grow. We use nature as a metaphor for building our organisational social systems.

Our business is underpinned by the ethics and principles of permaculture.

Wenderlynn - Co-founder  CEO


I took my first intro course in 2011 at Brighton Permaculture Trust and my Permaculture Design Certificate in July 2013.


I then went on to become a permaculture educator, taking  permaculture facilitators training in Nov 2013 and Permaculture Educators training, in Denmark, in May 2015, and Training of Teachers in 2021. I am an Earth Protector, signing up to the Stop Ecocide campaign, and an Active Resilience Consultant.

I am a neurodivergent, with lived experience of poor mental health. I have trained with Mind as a Mental Health Peer Support worker,  and I am a Board Advisor for Mind in Mid Herts.


I have recently completed my Level 3 Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Introduction to Counselling Skills. I have also obtained my Gardeniser Pro License.This recognises a professional role for those working and facilitating community gardens.

You can find out more about me on my educators profile and through my Diploma In Applied Permaculture Design.

Iain - Co-founder and Director


I took my Permaculture Design Certificate in August 2015. I have a number of years of hands-on experience of Permaculture Design, and regularly lead sessions on Wyld Edges courses.


I am in the process of working on my Diploma In Applied Permaculture Design. I have trained with Graham Bell and Rakesh to take my Training of Teachers certificate in 2021

I have trained with MIND as a Mental Health Peer Supporter worker, supporting others with their mental health. You can view my permaculture educator on the Permaculture Association UK

Christine - Non Executive Director

I have known Wenderlynn for many years. We met at a college of further education working alongside troubled teenagers in an ever changing educational institution. My husband, David, and I left the college to run a bed and breakfast on the broads. Wenderlynn and Iain took the plunge to follow their dream, and beliefs, in the world of permaculture. We have been beside them through their journey to Wyld Edges and trust our involvement is both a supportive role and as friends.


David - Non Executive Director

I am an educationalist, agriculturist, counsellor and ecologist. I am the published author of a book concerning the reintroduction of species, "Beavers Back In Britain - Rewilding In Devon". Iain and Wendy are long established friends who know they can rely on my support.

Nicky photo.jpg

Nicky - Director & Community Engagement, Social Media & Resources Agent

I'm Nicky a cat loving Buddhist from Cheshunt. Permaculture has added a wonderful new dimension to my life, I think it's great. I'm learning so much it supports my mental health and I feel truly alive with nature. I go to the garden for the friendships, peer support to learn about permaculture to feel part of the community to have a purpose and just enjoy it.

Nicky is a director of Wyld Edges. As a Harmony Gardener, she provides encouragement and support for others in the group, keeping people connected. She is also a Harmony Garden steering group member and runs social media marketing support.

Ellie - Community Liaison Agent

I have inexpertly been planting things in every home I have had, even when I did not have a garden, but when I met Wyld Edges I learned to understand more about the connection between gardening and soil and mental health. So, when I was invited to join a project to reclaim a waste piece of Cheshunt it was a no brainer. Once unloved and overgrown this patch is now alive with life.  We potter, we sew, we water, we weed.  Wenderlynn and Iain guide us and do masses of work and somehow together Harmony Gardens has been created. 


Ellie's role brings support to both Wyld Edges and the Harmony Garden, connecting both to external organisations. She is also a steering board member of the Harmony Garden.

Integrate rather than Segregate - permaculture principle #8

What We Do

We teach permaculture design and how it can be used in gardening, your home and work life. We introduce you to techniques and methods used in the permaculture design process and the benefits for physical and mental wellbeing and the environment.

Using Culture Capital, we promote collaboration by working with schools, community groups and businesses to design and build strong, resilient communities, helping to promote effective communication.


We are advocates for stopping the stigma of mental ill-health and speak openly about our experiences and how we use permaculture design for emotional resilience.

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