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We design and implement



The Harmony Garden

We work with communities to consult, design and implement community gardens. Below are examples of our work. Our aim is to support these communities to become resilient, by utilising unused green spaces to support food & collective mental health resilience, and for adaptation to climate change. We do this using permaculture design concentrating on a perennial based system, such as the food forest technique.

Working in partnership with B3 Living

We are working with B3 Living to create this garden for the benefit of the local community.


The Harmony Garden is our beacon project.


We are supporting the volunteers to become community ambassadors and make sure they have a say in how the garden is managed and run.


This garden currently, supports the community of Cheshunt and the surrounding areas as a permaculture demonstration project, or LAND learner, (Learning and Network Demonstration), project.

This means we are recognised as applying permaculture techniques and practice to the garden.

Harmony Garden Abundance.jpg

Ridgeway Park

The Ridgeway is a small green space currently under utilised. We were commissioned by Little Hadham parish council, to create a conceptual design as part of a process for adding value to the space.


As part of the design process, we ran a Visioning Workshop as part of a creative and fun alternative to a public consultation, capturing the collective community voice, ensuring that everyone is heard.

Mandala Concept 06.jpg
Spiral Concept 07.jpg

Thieves Lane Community Garden

Working with Thieves Lane CIO and East Herts council, a conceptual design and Visioning Workshop captured the collective community voice, leading to a request for a full design.

Conceptual design 1.jpg
Conceptual design 2.jpg
Conceptual design 3.jpg
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