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Guest Tutor Bio

We are very lucky to have had some great guests tutors and experts, join us in delivering our courses. It makes for an emmersive experience, adding diversity of personalities and skills set, each one sharing important knowledge with you on how to live a regenerative lifestyle.

Rakesh Rootsman Rak

How They Have Supported Us?

Rakesh is an expert on designing and implementing forest gardens. He shared his knowledge on forest gardens in our patterns session, guiding us through the patterns of this natural and ancient technique and how it can be used as part of patterns literacy.


Rakesh is an experienced Permacultre designer/teacher and Forest Garden specialist, computer consultant, yoga teacher and homeopath. He has been growing food for 40 years, and has been designing and teaching edible landscaping, permaculture, forest gardening, etc for the past 5 years.

He is also passionate about sharing his journey of self empowerment (learning how to make all the things you need for yourself rather than relying on the system to provide for you), this includes eco architecture (low impact housing); capturing and storing energy (electricity, heat, lighting, etc); fuel efficient heating systems (rocket heaters and stoves); water capture, purification and recycling systems, natural bee keeping

Kazzla Goodweather

How They Have Supported Us?

Kazzla shared her knowledge and wisdom as part of our Personal Resilience session. She helped to promote good physical and mental wellbeing, starting with food and our connection to plants.


Kazzla is one of the Seed Sistas alongside Fiona Heckles. 


The Seed Sistas strive to educate about plant medicines with their own uniquely vibrant style. 


They are published authors, public speakers, medical herbalists and eco-activists.  Allowing the plants to guide them to ever more ridiculous productions, they pass on knowledge about how to learn about the plants that grow around you and to empower yourself to use them as simple remedies in the home. 


The Seed Sistas run a community interest company, Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution, that focusses on planting and supporting community herb gardens and creating empowered, resilient communities that care for their local green spaces.   


As we get more intimate with plants, we naturally want to protect them more ferociously. The time has come to wake up, reclaim our birthrights, and access more knowledge about the the foods and medicines in local plants, trees and fungi.  



Angie Proctor

How Will They Be Supporting Us?

Angie too, will be sharing her knowledge and wisdom as part of our Personal Resilience sessions. She will be introducing us to several plants we can use to support our own wellbeing.


Angela Procter BSc (Hon) Medical Herbalist (MNIHM)

As a qualified medical herbalist with a passion for plants, I am devoted to targeting both physical and emotional wellness of my patients, using a fully holistic approach.

As well as ensuring all patients needs are fulfilled, I have a strong desire to bring my passion for plants to the wider community. I offer a variety of nature walks and workshops including foraging, medicine making and intuitive herbalism.

I also produce a variety of home-made medicinal remedies, using wild and organic plants; sourced locally, whenever possible.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.     


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