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Nourish & Flourish

This is our initiative to work with schools and education groups to deliver Permaculture-based education to children and young people.

It's also part of the Wyld Edges curriculum we are currently developing. Our Nourish and Flourish sessions are based on our Introduction To Permaculture courses and the international Children In Permaculture curriculum. We have also been inspired by the Steiner education.

Please view the downloadable PDFs for examples of our work.

Myra and Ferdinand are our friendly, loveable, and very cuddly, puppets. They help us to break down the laguage barriers with young children, enabling them to learn through play and imagination.

"Through puppetry children can learn new ways to express themselves while learning new skills, leading the child on a path of self-discovery and expression that help instill confidence and boost self-esteem."

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We design and implement educational gardens, using the forest gardening technique. This gives a perennial, seasonal garden for children to learn through the year. An annual garden is integrated into the design, to ensure their is a continued flow of learning, connecting children with the soil and growing from seed. 


Our designs and sessions meet the EYFS Ofsted requirements for outdoor learning, using permaculture design and evolve into the classroom using social permaculture.



Download a sample preschool Activity Report (created before adoption of the Children in Permaculture curriculum)


Download a sample preschool Activity Report (created after adoption of the Children in Permaculture curriculum)

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