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Global Ecological Crisis

Action for Community Resilience

The Harmony Garden is our beacon project to demonstrate how permaculture design can be used to create small, resilient, urban, local community focused, food production systems, and social networks.

We were lucky enough to be 1 of 6 projects funded through the Plants For A Future (Pfaf) Food Forest Fund. The aim of the funding is to help develop food production that is local and enables communities to become resilient, not relying on larger corporate organisations or intensive agricultural systems.

"Food forests and complementary locally-based enterprises could be an important element in starting to bring about the widespread changes in lifestyle now urgently needed to confront the global ecological crisis. We need to move away from globalised commerce, damaging intensive industrialised agriculture, switch from meat and dairy to plant-based foods, and encourage local communities and businesses that support the common good. Getting involved with a food forest project is one way to be part of the fight-back against the global emergency that cannot be ignored any longer."

Funding Report and Update

After 2 years of working on the soil remediation and starting to implement the food forest system, we have collated the report below. This is the first draft. As the project progresses we will add more updates. These up dates will include how the group culture of the garden is evolving, how we are creating cultural capital

Download report

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