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Our Vision...this is what we'd like to see

For everyone to have access to permaculture education and use it to grow healthy food for free and build personal resilience.

Our Mission.....this is the doing bit

To deliver permaculture education to individuals, educational establishments and community organisations.

Our Aim....this is the how

Through courses,workshops and land demonstration we will show people how to live a resilient and regenerative way of life through growing food and building a social toolkit.

 Key Elements

How we deliver our ethos is underpinned by 5 key elements. Each one of these ensures we deliver best practice and maintain an holistic approach to running Wyld Edges.

We are a Community Interest Company. We're not a charity. We are a registered business whose aim is to meet a social need. The profits we make, go back into the business to help us meet these social needs.

The Prime Directive

"The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for ourselves and that of our children.Make it now!"

Bill Mollison

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