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Permaculture & Mental Health

"One in four adults and one in 10 children experience mental illness, and many more of us know and care for people who do."


Taking care of ourselves is important, regular exercise, eating healthy and socialising are important. When adversity hits, though, and we face challenging times or situations, our own wellbeing can suffer. Using permaculture design can help you to find the right methods and techniques for creating your own resilience toolkit. It can support you in times of adversity, helping to build emotional and physical resilience. 


The Five Ways To Wellbeing are part of our own wellbeing toolkit and underpinning at Wyld Edges. They help us to check in with ourselves, ensuring we are taking the time to meet our wellbeing needs and promote good mental and physical health.



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We are running workshops with Hertford Library and Mind in Mid-Herts.
These sessions provide connections to the natural world and our place in it,
through hands-on activities and lively discussion

We are gradually growing the support and services we offer as Mental Health Peer Supporters

We offer peer support in the following ways:

  • Attending appointments for emotional support, helping to relieve stress and anxiety

  • Support with official paperwork or documents, if the supportee is too emotionally distressed to cope alone

  • Basic tech help - sometimes all that's needed is knowing how to write a letter on the computer or getting a laptop working again to work on a course.

  • An opportunity to attend one of our Patchwork Projects, connecting with nature

Referral Service

If you are in our local area, and you are an organisation or individual; you can use the Frontline service for refer of an individual or
yourself. Please use the link below to contact us.

Directly referred through Mind

As Mental Health peer support workers we offer individuals 121 support, helping them to find their own solutions towards better mental health. This is underpinned by our own personal experience, mental health training and Permaculture knowledge. We introduce people to how they can use methods and techniques, within permacilture design to build there own emotional resilience.

Part of this support is also helping individuals to support their own neighbourhoods and communities, promoting collective mental
wellbeing. Through our Active Resilience for Community and Earth course, and work at the Harmony Garden, we introduce people
to how these techniques can be scaled up for groups.

Visit our Youtube channel to listen to our Permaculture and Mental Health Reflections and Everyday People Chats. Learn about our
Patchwork Project, using green space to provide a venue for therapists and therapy.

Disclaimer -

We are not therapists. We have trained with Mind as Mental Health peer support workers. We offer support as individuals who
have had personal lived experience of poor mental health.

We are currently under going training with
Chrysalis, to support our professionalism in delivering this service.

Wenderlynn Bagnall has completed her Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Introduction to Counselling Skills. Please visit Gaia Therapy for more details

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