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Thoughtful Gardening Workshops

Aimed at community groups and other organisations, this series of six themed workshops introduces how you can use Permaculture techniques in the garden and beyond, for the benefit of people and wildlife. 

These are our standard sessions, but the structure, order, focus etc can be tailored to meet your needs


Session 1:

Surveying the Site

•    Identifying how to zone your landscape and place elements for efficiency

•    How to use and work with wild energies

•    Identifying limiting factors or opportunities as sectors


Session 2:


•    Water availability. Use and efficiency. Rain water harvesting.

•    Garden maintenance techniques and planting to retain moisture in the landscape

Preschool Soil 1.jpg

Session 3:


•    Living soil

•    Composting

•    Mulching

•    Soil testing (texture and Ph)


Session 4:

Plants & Trees

•    Perennials (and climate change)

•    Identifying different functions of specific plants.

•    Forest Gardening (includes guilds and polycultures)


Session 5:

Growing Your Own Food

•    Permaculture vs organic vs conventional gardening methods

•    Bed creation & seasonal planning

•    Planting for resilience

Comfort Zones.png

Session 6:

Personal Growth & Social Permaculture

•    Zone 00 & personal resilience

•    Permaculture and mental health

•    Communication skills

•    Community engagement

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