Community Led Award

The Community Led Award is an opportunity for communities to use the Introduction To Permaculture curriculum to help grow community projects and resilience through collaboration and design. It is also an opportunity to learn about permaculture in a practical setting, covering the curriculum without attending an intensive course.

This is a new, innovative project as part of permaculture education for the UK, which is in the early stages of development. If you are part of a community organisation, and you are interested in learning permaculture design with a more hands on approach, please get in touch to find our more about this award.

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Who is the CLA for?


This award is for community groups, educational organisations or businesses who are interested in developing their own projects further or who would be interested in using design and implementation to start new projects.

Examples of groups who may use this award are - residential groups, schools, recovery groups, adults or individuals with additional learning needs, families, employee groups and more.


The award accommodates people of all levels and abilities focusing on experiential and transformative learning.

How we are using the CLA?

The CLA is currently being piloted by permaculture designers and facilitators with the support of the Permaculture Association UK.

We are working with our partners, Grow Cheshunt to develop our pilot. Using the social permaculture framework, The Design Web, we will be running a mix of 12 online and practical workshops, starting with capturing the community vision.