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Introduction to Permaculture Online Course

We will be running our next online Intro course in the new year. Sign up for free to receive updates on our courses, workshops and other events

This online course runs for 2 hours a week for 9 weeks, plus upto 2 hours home practice, each week.

Some examples of areas we will cover:
  • What permaculture is

  • The ethics of permaculture

  • Zones and sectors

  • Pattern recognition

  • How you can use permaculture in your everyday life

  • The practical application of permaculture design

  • How to build a toolkit for adapting to change and for resilience for mental wellbeing.

  • Community Resilience

Next Course:

Dates:  2021 (to be confirmed)

Location: online

Time: 7 -9pm

Cost: We are offering three options:

  • Full fee  – £120

  • Pay What You Can 

  • Instalments

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