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We The Uncivilised

This evening we attended our first Climate Cafe. We met old friends from the Transition group we were once part of, before our move to Devon some years ago. At the time living in Hertfordshire, there was not much of a 'green' scene. We felt our desire to be part of doing something bigger, somewhere we felt we could make more impact. In truth, and after reflecting on all of the decisions and changes we had made, this impact had been right under our noses. None the less several years of living an alterntive lifestyle, built up our resilience in a way we could never have done, if we had not made such radical changes to our lives.

Turn the clock forward to where we are now, that desire to make an impact and be part of the solution is more profound than ever. Resetting the clock has meant new challenges and new growth with it, a part of this reconnecting with a new supporting network.

We had not heard of Climate Cafes so made a plan to attend one as soon as we could. This evenings Cafe was held in the oldest Quaker House in the country. On the agenda was a planned film viewing, The Human Element, on reflection, this was changed to 'We The Uncivilised.'

To cut this story a little short, it was like this film had been especially chosen for us, as if they knew we were coming.

The narrative of the film reflected the journey we have been on for the last decade, showing locations we had visited and people we had met, or had some indirect connection to. Tinkers Bubble we had been lucky enough to visit, Simon Fairlie and Monkton Wyld, where we obtained our scythes from and guidance on planning law. Polly Higgins & Patrick Whitefield, and toxic mimincry, authors and subject matter which have been part of our permaculture training and, more recent personal growth.

Our journey has come full circle, bringing us back 'home', and with it new knowledge, new understanding, deeper connection to the earth, and helping others to heal. In zoning where our support networks are, and, how we can recipicate that support, we have found those who share a common goal to face up to the challenges of climate change, and what it could enevitably mean for the future of our uncivilised world.

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