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Which Way Should I go?

Which way should I go?

Up high, follow my feet

I go where they take me

I'll climb no matter how hard.

I'll go up, up, up,

I'll go where my feet take me,

Forwards, onwards.

What's at the top?

I want to see what's there?

I'm curious. What's that?

On nothing much. I'll keep climbing

following my feet. They'll take me where

I need to go.


STOP! Look.....what's that? Beauty.

Beauty all around me.

Soft, gentle. The river flows carrying

Emotions slow steady.

My feet carry me forward,

Grounding, healing, hoping.


I turn, I sit, I touch, I look

Up and ask,

"which way should I go?"

I look around, turn,soft,face the grey

And ugly - yet from decay there is rebirth.

Can this be true?

Will there be rebirth?

Which way should I go?

The bell tolls. I follow.

Is this the way South East?

My roots, the place I once called home. this moment, in this presence

Towards the bell, towards the drum.

I hear the drum, my heart, the centre core

Of me.

For now the way is here, my spirit

Connect, safe, free.

This is the beginning, the rebirth.

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