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Permaculture is a natural design science mimicking the patterns of nature. It can be used to help build regenerative and resilient landscapes and communities.


It is a solutions based, systems thinking, design process which can help you to adapt to and build resilience for changes in the natural and social ecosystems.


Introduction to Permaculture

This online, intensive course will give you an holistic overview of the basic theory and practical application of how permaculture can be used in what you do. We will show you how to use permaculture design in your garden as a pretext to how you can use social permaculture to support your own emotional wellbeing and build connections in your community. We will be sharing resilience tools by Chris Johnstone as part of our social toolkit for wellbeing.

The course is run online, live, with facilitators who will guide your journey in learning about permaculture design. We aim to have guest tutors and experts who will cover a specific subject area during the course, adding to the diversity of skills and knowledge you will gain. Please see our guest bios here.


The course includes some home practice activities and additional blended online learning, which supports the sessions and group work. This helps you to become more familiar with permaculture and how to apply it to your individual setting. It will also support the sessions themselves as part of the reflection process. The home practice activities will also enable you to share the activities with friends and family.

We encourage online collaboration with the other course participants to guide your experience during the course, and to share your home practice during the sessions, as part of helping to build a culture of collaboration and shared interest. We have found that by running our Introduction To Permaculture course over several weeks, it has fostered a supportive and fun environment, with participants looking forward to attending every week to exchanged shared experience. By the end of the course participants have gone on to create their own support networks. 

This online course runs live, for 2 hours a week for 9 weeks, integrating 1 additional none live session, to encourage your home practice of up to 2 hours each week. This particular session will include material relating to content already covered. The course offers support to participants through online resource sharing and a personal Whatsapp group.


Examples of areas we will cover are:

  • Ethics of Permaculture

  • Indigenous culture

  • Zones and sectors

  • Pattern recognition

  • Inputs and outputs analysis

  • How you can use permaculture in your everyday life

  • The practical application of permaculture design

  • How to build a toolkit for building personal and community resilience

This course follows the Introduction To Permaculture curriculum with our own bespoke sessions integrated. The course is certificated through the Permaculture Association UK. In order to receive the certificate the full course must be attended.


We run three online Introduction to Permaculture courses each year:

This year our season is: Winter, Spring and Autumn.

These courses run on Tuesday evenings

Please complete the online booking form and choose your prefered date:

18th January - 22nd March 2022

12th April - 14th June 2022

6th September - 8th November 2022

Time: 7 - 9pm

Cost: We are offering a tiered payment option:

  • Full fee £200

  • Low-waged (up to £13k household income) places at £130 (maximum of 2 spaces)

  • Unwaged places at £75 (maximum of 1 space)

  • "Pay it Forward" - Fund someone else's place for an additional £75


As a Social Enterprise, our intention is to make our courses accessible to as many people as possible, but just as nature expects something in return for what we take out of the earth, we cannot run Wyld Edges if we do not make money.

We therefore offer a limited number of lower-cost places, intended only for people with genuine financial need who might otherwise struggle to afford to attend the course, therefore we would ask you to make an honest assessment of your own ability to pay before applying for these options.

We also offer a "Pay it Forward" option for people wishing to contribute to fund an additional Unwaged space on the course. This allows us to make Regenerative education available to even more people.

For more details or for specific booking enquiries on our courses or events please contact us

Thanks millions

for your amazing

and inspiring teaching

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About our online courses:

"Thanks millions for your amazing and inspiring teaching lovely people"

Laura - 2021 course participant

"I took the Introduction to Permaculture Course with Wyld Edges and absolutely loved it. I was brand new to permaculture and felt like I learned so much, it has really sparked what I know will be a lifelong interest. Wenderlynn and Iain also did a brilliant job of moving the course online during the pandemic - it was inspiring for the whole group to come together every week and take time to reflect on the natural world around us." Jess Jackson 2020 course participant

"it was a really interesting exercise and a good learning process to pick up on other ideas to develop from listening to others

visions. Also love the diversity that was covered and the different ways that permaculture can be applied."

Anne- Marie - 2020 design share session.

I think it was a good mix between your explanations and examples... I think its a very good and balanced mix... I thought you were both very supportive and knowledgeable and I would recommend the course and the support given as an introduction to everyone..."

Ellie - 2021 course participant

Finally the exchange of what we take away from the lesson is a really great ending I think again for each of us to verbalise what we take away and might apply in the week/use for a project and it brings everyone together again."

Alexandra - 2020 course participant

About our In Person courses:

“Good teachers. Had a wealth of experience and knowledge”


“Really felt I learned in an interactive Way”

“Kind, caring Creative…. lots of practical, not lecturing”

“Particularly inspired and empowered, rejuvenated to clarify and refine vision.”

“Equal amounts of practical and sitting. Didn’t feel like we spent too long on any one thing”

John - retired Ofsted Inspector