Families Growing Together

Families Growing Together is our initiative to collaborate with social housing agencies to support residents in regenerating their gardens and building relationships, facilitating family resilience. We aim to do this in an holistic way using our community led award to make gardening and growing food naturally, fun and interactive.

We want to make the benefits of regenerative education accessible to those families and marginalised groups who otherwise wouldn't be able to access it for socio-economic reasons. They will have the opportunity to learn innovative, new skills together in how to create low maintenance gardens, whilst developing an appreciation for the natural environment and promote good wellbeing.

"You can solve all the world's problems in a garden" Geoff Lawton permaculture teacher and designer

Wyld Edges design visioning
Designing Growing Beds
Visioning for the future. Residents drawing
Reusing old fence panels
Upcycling fence panels
Field sketch. Residents drawing
Tying up beans
Bean In A Pot! Germination.
Bean In A Pot! Learning about roots
Being brave! They're cute really