Plot 163b is our allotment project.

We have taken over this plot, abandoned for 2 years, and are working towards creating a Permaculture allotment site, demonstrating the ethics, principles and methods of Permaculture.

PLOT 163b

Nasturtium seedlings
Plot 163b
Many seeds sown
Potatoes planted for food and soil-build
Plot 163b

The Plot 163b Story


This is our second plot on the Cromwell Road allotments site. 

From 2009 - 2015 we looked after plot 132b, and for some of that time, 133a, both of which are literally a stone's throw from 163b.

Now, after a few years running Wishtree in Devon, we are back at Cromwell Road and excited to turn this little allotment plot into a lush, abundant food forest.